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HBL Bank Deposit

  •  Habib Bank Limited:
    Account #  42-79015158-03
  • ( Transaction Cost: Rs.145)

    “Payment Instructions”

    1. Visit any branch of HBL.   (All HBL Branches are real time online)
    2. Ask for the Deposit Slip  (As per Specimen below)
    3. Fill in the deposit slip as normal including
      • Please write down your Order ID or Customer ID at top of the deposit slip. (Area Marked in Red on Specimen)
      • Account Title: “SEHAT.COM.PK”   (Area Marked in Red on Specimen)
      • Account Number: “(42-79015158-03)”  (Area Marked in Red on Specimen)
      • Exact amount of Order/Advance amount including your shipping charges
      • Take acknowledgement
    HBL Bank Deposit Slip

    (If any of these steps are not followed that may occur in delay of your order processing) 

    Can any other person deposit money on my behalf?

    Yes any one can deposit the money on your behalf. Whoever is depositing make sure he/she is aware of all the steps given above and follows them as well especially the Customer ID / Order ID, which is essential for identification of your deposit in SEHAT.COM.PK Account.

    Once he/she has made the payment take the following information from him/her

    1. Provide you the deposit slip number
    2. Name filled on the deposit slip
    3. Branch in which he/she submitted the amount
    4. Exact deposit amount 


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