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About Us

Apothecare (Pvt) Ltd is a project by members from the 4th generation of the Fazal Din family.


The Fazal Din Group has a long association with the healthcare industry, with many successful ventures into different aspects of the industry.

Family History

Fazal Din & Sons was formed in 1948 as a retail pharmacy situated on the famous Mall Road in Lahore. Today the group is known for its commitments to excellence in the healthcare field and represents the most prestigious names in the world of healthcare in Pakistan. In a world of counterfeit and spurious drugs, the name Fazal Din & Sons stands out for its commitment to quality and reliability as we have taken innumerable steps to ensure the authenticity of the medicine that is sold through Fazal Din & Sons.






Haji Sheikh Fazal Din, 1890-1973. An active leader of the Pakistan Movement and the Chairman of the Fazal Din & Sons Group. He decided to leave all his worldly possessions in India and migrated to Pakistan to make a fresh start in the cause he believed in so passionately.








Mumtaz Ahmed Sheikh, 1918-1999. Founder of the Fazal Din Group. Established the business from scratch in Pakistan. He was the Chairman and President of various trade and Industry bodies, including the Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI), Pakistan Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers Association, and the F.P.C.C.I.







Nadeem Ahmed Mumtaz. Born 1952. Educated at Aitchison College and Punjab University. Has 41 years experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare trade. Introduced marketing of medical equipment and surgical machinery into the group structure, adding to the diversity of products and reputation of Fazal Din & Sons where you can now find everything from B.P. apparatus to C.T. Scanners. Founded businesses specializing in this function for such world renowned companies such as Toshiba and G.E. Presently running Fazal Din & Sons (Pvt) Ltd together with other members of the family and professional management.

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