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Traveler's First Aid Kit 1's

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Product Description

Product Name:Traveler's First Aid Kit 1's

Pack Size: 1's

Marketed By: Sehat


1 x Alcohol Cotton Swab 10's

1 x Angised Tab 0.5mg 5's

1 x Baydal Tab 10's

1 x Brufen 600mg Tab 1x12's

1 x Buscopan Plus Tab 10mg/500mg 1x10's

1 x Cicatrin Powder 20 g

1 x Cotton Ball 10's

2 x Cotton Bandage 5cmx3m 1's

1 x Curine Eye Drops 0.025% 15 ml

1 x Dettol Sol 50 ml

1 x Dicloran Gel 20g

2 x Disprin Tab 300 mg 10's

1 x Elastocraft Stretched 4'x4.5m

1 x Face Mask 10's

1 x First Aid Box

1 x Flagyl Tab 400 mg 10's

1 x Gravinate Tab 50mg 10's

1 x Hand Sanitizer Original Liq 65ml

1 x Imodium Cap 2mg 6's

1 x Nitro Surgical Tape 1 inch 1's

2 x Panadol Tab 500 mg 10's

1 x Peditral Lemon Powder Sachet 1's

1 x Polyfax Eye Ointment 6g

1 x Polyfax Skin Oint 20g

1 x Pyodine Gel 5% 20g

1 x Quench Cream 1% 15g

1 x Safety Pins 1x12's

2 x Saniplast Bandages 5's

1 x Scissor and Forceps Set

1 x Sodasep Orange Sachet 1's

1 x Vinyl Examination Non Sterile Medium Gloves 10's

1 x Xynosine Nasal Spray 0.1% 15ml

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